Does your life feel like this?  Are you in the fast lane, unable to slow down, juggernauts coming at you?  Or do you long to take a different road?  You may need a sympathetic listener to hear your story.  Or you might be stuck in a rut.

For me, the journey of psychotherapy is about understanding yourself better, so that you gain the confidence to reveal more of your authentic self; find your voice, and discover what really brings you satisfaction. The journey also gave me the confidence to change aspects of my life which no longer worked for me, and to find new and more rewarding paths.

I have experience in the following areas: anxiety, abuse, addiction, ageing, bereavement, cultural issues, depression, HIV, disability, health, OCD, parents and parenting, identity, the balance of the masculine and feminine, relationships, shame, spirituality, stress, workplace issues, trauma.

I have been working with clients for over six years and am a member of UKCP, the body that regulates psychotherapists.  I work with all the major modalities (ie psychodynamic, humanistic) as well as being what is called a transpersonal (spiritual) therapist.  I am a senior counsellor at Living Well, which offers counselling to men and women with HIV.  I also work as a counsellor at Kingston Women’s Centre, where I now see private clients, as well as central London and Wimbledon.  Depending on what you need, I can offer short-term therapy – 12 weeks; or long-term therapy – usually about a year or longer.